Robyn wears many hats at True Blue. She works in data and analytics for the team — including, but not limited to, media reporting, social media listening, and social media metrics analysis — so our clients can find meaning in all the noise. Because True Blue relies on data to create stories and deliver cutting-edge campaigns and strategies, Robyn’s data analysis is critical to the success of every project.

She also works on the organizational and financial side, managing media campaigns and business operations. Her innate attention to detail and knack for multitasking is greatly appreciated when we need an extra pair of eyes or a helping hand. Robyn has 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, where she worked in operations and sales, and interacted with travelers from all over the world. She’s creative too, with a BFA in theatre from Cornish College of the Arts, and a keen interest in the culinary arts.

When she’s not making spreadsheets for fun, she enjoys putting together restaurant-level meals in her tiny kitchen while hanging out with Oskar, her long-hair tuxedo kitty.

A lifelong Seattleite, she loves going to see live theatre and supporting local artists, and has a second home with family on the southwest coast of the Netherlands.

The impossible often has a kind of integrity to which the merely improbable lacks. Douglas Adams

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