Keeping Minnesotans Safe

The 2022 election for Minnesota Attorney General was considered one of the most hotly contested races in the country. Incumbent Democrat Keith Ellison faced an unprecedented challenge from Republican Jim Schultz, an anti-choice corporate lawyer and political newcomer who had never prosecuted a single case.

Despite Schultz’s flaws, GOP-aligned out-of-state groups funded by Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and the Gun Lobby poured millions into attacking Ellison with ‘race-baiting’ ads condemned by hundreds of faith leaders and community members throughout the state.

The True Blue team, in partnership with Arc Initiatives, was tapped to help overcome these forceful political headwinds. Utilizing a research-informed strategy that connected with persuadable voters via TV and digital advertising, we delivered the message that Keith was the only candidate in the race that would fight to protect Minnesotans’ safety, pocketbooks, and personal freedoms. 

We helped Keith’s campaign break through in a crowded media environment and win reelection by just over 20,000 votes.

It was a huge honor supporting his candidacy and we’re so proud of our work! Check out the TV spots that helped propel Keith’s campaign to victory.

“The People’s Lawyer” – featuring Senator Amy Klobuchar

“Keeping Minnesota Safe” – featuring County Attorney Michael Freeman