The Conservation Alliance

Brand evolution

Modernizing an iconic brand to champion the conservation economy

The challenge

Nearing 20 years old, The Conservation Alliance struggled to stay relevant in the conservation space. Celebrated for their model of harnessing the power of the business sector to protect North America’s cherished outdoor spaces, some members of the alliance worried the organization’s brand had become stale and potentially politically polarizing, which undermined their ability to impact pressing climate and conservation challenges. Furthermore, as the organization evolved, it aimed to better demonstrate their commitment to broad inclusion and diversity, and meaningfully move those who had historically been left out of the conservation movement to the forefront of the brand and vision.

New website

The idea

We knew The Conservation Alliance could truly stand apart and affect positive change by positioning itself toward the political center and shining a light on the diverse coalition of business voices working to protect natural places. The breadth and depth of the climate crisis demands a paradigm shift around climate solutions, and presents an opportunity for the organization to fuel a conversation about how businesses offer climate solutions. By creating structure for and modeling the ways businesses can invest in land and water protection, create jobs, help communities, and provide for future generations, The Conservation Alliance would, in turn, be more effective.

The work

To bring the rebrand to life, True Blue Strategies needed to shift the whole brand through the way it looks and talks. We conducted multiple workshops with stakeholders, members, and grantees to help the team better define the organization’s mission and vision statements, update key communications pillars, and better articulate narratives around what the organization stands for and what it has been able to accomplish. We rebuilt every piece of The Conservation Alliance’s verbal and visual brand to appeal to the political center and a broader business base. 

This led the brand toward a more human centered approach. Verbally, we recalibrated to focus on the business partners, grantees, and the diverse range of communities that The Conservation Alliance works with on a daily basis. Visually, instead of showing landscapes the organization worked to protect or general outdoor recreation shots, we highlighted portraits of people in the surrounding communities and the employees of the members who are deeply impacted by cherished outdoor spaces. The Conservation Alliance holds humans at the center of everything it does. The rebranding effort brought that to life. 

As the website is essentially the front door of an organization and therefore its brand, we also parlayed the revitalized brand to a full website overhaul and redesign.

The Conservation Alliance website
Brand style guide
Instagram templates
The team at True Blue Strategies were all pros to work with and took our website and brand to a new level. The Conservation Alliance’s website was dated, didn’t tell the story we wanted it to, and lacked functionality. After a deep dive and lots of strategic conversations, True Blue built us a website that now conveys the true impact and long-term direction of our organization. The feedback about our new look and feel from our member companies, grantees, and partners has been overwhelmingly positive. We would hire True Blue again in a second.
Shoren Brown, 

Vice President of Public Affairs, 

The Conservation Alliance

The impact

The updated brand and website now convey the impact and direction of the organization, and serve as an invitation for additional businesses to join the effort, increasing diverse recruitment, and supporting new fundraising. 

The work received high praise from major brands and appealed to a broader suite of members, potential members, and grantees, as new brand assets successfully showcase messages that are inclusive of key communications pillars. Visually, the site is inclusive of a wide range of viewpoints and industries that are united to conserve outdoor spaces. 

In the first year after launching the new site, The Conservation Alliance was able to grow its social media following by 20%, diversify its membership portfolio, and bring on a new Pinnacle Member that commits to the highest level of financial support annually.